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I’m Lynn Farley-Rose and I’m insatiably fascinated by the things that people do to cope when life gets tough.

 I had a few hiccups myself during childhood but having endured them in the way children have to, because they have no choice, I launched myself into adult life in London. That was when I started to live. I loved it. After several abortive careers and lots of fun I settled on a kind, funny, loving husband and then one after another four shiny children appeared. I did a PhD in developmental psychology which gave me a taste for pondering and we moved to that strange English land, ‘the country’, where we continued to live satisfyingly exhausting lives. We had a few fields and put them to good use. At one stage I was responsible for the welfare of thirty-two animals and eight species including the humans. All was going swimmingly and although I tried to avoid becoming like one of Bridget Jones’ smug marrieds, it was hard not to. I was gloriously happy in the adult life I’d created with my husband, and which was so different from the unhappy ones in which we’d both been raised. As friends and family around me were dealt mortal blows of divorce, illness, bereavement and redundancy, I used to wonder how I’d cope with such challenges. I thought a great deal about the resources they drew on and wondered what I would do in similar circumstances.

 Then I found out.

 My book, 31 Treats And A Marriage, tells the story of what I did to cope after being blown apart and feeling worthless.  I learned to be grateful for ‘treats’. What I’m talking about are the experiences that we always mean to try but don’t make time for. I made a list of things I longed to do. Almost a bucket list… but not quite. Instead of ‘things to do before I die’ these were things to help me re-connect with life. I let each one have its moment and they taught me surprising and wonderful things. Horse riding…the collected stories of Saki…extravagant Italian cookery… New York… late night jazz…the social history of Port Sunlight…

 I’m now part-way through my list and if I’m lucky there are many more treats and discoveries to come. My blog is about things that intrigue and tantalise me. Questions that pop into my head unprompted and demand investigation. Sometimes there are answers and sometimes there aren’t. Then, too, it’s about what I’ve done, and continue to do, to surf the knocks. Other people too.  It’s fascinating hearing about the things that friends and family are doing for their ‘treats lists’. And what they gain from them. Sign up to follow me and then you won’t miss new posts. They go up about once a fortnight. And do let me know about your treats too. I’d love to hear.

31 Treats And A Marriage is available on the websites of Amazon, Wordery and Waterstones, and through all other booksellers. Click here to read the article about it on the BBC Arts Website.

 Email: 60treatsandmore@gmail.com

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love this idea of the blog Lynn! As well as the theme of the treats, we do indeed all need them. It is a type of mindfulness in a way, not letting the moments go by without paying attention, not letting life go by without listening to our desires and making them come true.


  2. It’s good to know others go through the same and survive!
    But there are the subtleties of different levels of survival….I’m going to try the one ‘by treats’ 🙂


  3. Thank you for the post card, lovely design. Who did it? Quite excited to read about your book. Will definitely get one. Mary B-James


  4. Borrowed your book from Mum and read on holiday with my sister Sarah. Loved the book. In tears at times and heart went out to you Lynn, but so positive and insightful and hopeful. I’m very proud of my compost making abilities too!!!! I want to buy the book to keep for my self and to buy for friends and nieces too.
    All the best Lynn and so glad you found a new love. Mary


  5. Hi Lynn,
    I have just completed your inspiring “31 Treats and a Marriage” and I just wanted to thank you. I’m 25 and am signed off sick from work which is a very upsetting time for me – I love my job as a teacher. Thankfully your story has given me the strength I needed and I have since compiled my own list; albeit only 15 treats to start with! So thank you for inspiring me and keeping me sane!
    Kate McKenzie


    • Hi Kate
      Thank you for this message. I’m so delighted that you found the book helpful. That was my wish in writing it – that the story would resonate with some people. I do hope that your difficult time is over soon and that you can get back to work. Also that you find your treats as enjoyable and subtly life-changing as some of mine were. Thanks again for taking the trouble to write. Lynn


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